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private enterprise company


of plastic products

Any degree of complexity

in the short term

Engineering tooling

for plastic molding

The latest equipment

Our production line meets the latest manufacturing standards in the field of molding from plastic.


Time is more important than any cost.
Our specialists will perform the order within the shortest, suitable terms.

Quality guarantee

At the moment our production facilities allow to make up to 500,000 high-quality details per day.


Our casting is the best!


Our production facilities are located in the Republic of Belarus, Smolevichi, Minsk region and has modern molding machines. We are oriented both to production of consumer goods and technical products.

With modern high-productive equipment, high-class specialists and good location of production, we can guarantee a high-quality products in the shortest time and for a low price.

The model design of the equipment for casting products from plastic.

We offer you a service in the equipment designing for your product. The creation of the model rigging is not the simplest process, and for the designer is very important not to make a mistake, because the consequences can be catastrophic, especially when the whole chain disturbed and you have to deal with it.

Service support during the design process

For the benefit, we provide the service of supporting in the design process. It means that, we do not do end-to-end work, all necessary things you do by your own, but if in the process of designing some questions arise, we solve them with the help of our experts.

Material preparation. Recycling of raw materials (plastics).

The concept of preparation of raw materials includes the technological operations, which are necessary to receive a conversion material. Manufacturers of the polymeric raw materials intended for processing into a finished product usually deliver their products in the form of granules, which are easily giving in to recycling. Mixing - the process of mechanical distribution of various materials (granulate with granules, dyes and additives) due to the mutual movement of the particles, which are carried out to obtain the given ratio of the components at any point in the mixing volume.

Grinding - the process of reducing the particle size of solids, mainly due to mechanical effects. We use a knife crusher.

Checking of the correct functionality of the mold and its adjustment for proper work on the injection molding machine.

Not always forms from customers face to the standards which are used in detail production. The form could lie long in the crude, dark place; parts of the mold details could rust or got lost. Our company can offer a «repair» service for your moldings, testing it on the injection molding machine. Due to the correct work with the form, the number of faulty parts will be lower, and as a result cost will decrease.

Verification of manufactured products for compliance according to the standard-sample and packaging products

After the detail dropped out of a compression mold, it falls into hands of our casters who inspect the detail for compliance with its standard model. Every detail is carefully checked, then they are weighed or considered (depending on the size of the detail and the customer’s wish). The last stage is packaging. Each detail can be packed according to the customer’s request, into cardboard boxes or plastic bags.


High quality, Reasonable price, Real time

About us

Our production line was appeared in the process of activity, which can be expressed in one phrase: "High quality, Reasonable price, real time." We produce and you are selling. We do not produce own products, we do not promote any products for sale. We produce the whole complex of works connecting to the casting of plastic products, quickly, efficiently and for a low price. We work on commission forms and also carry out design and production of injection molding tooling according to drawings and customer's products.

High quality

High quality of our products is achieved by modernized production lines and the purchase of on new equipment, starting from machines and ending with the usual tool. We are not standing still and moving forward.

Reasonable price

One American astronaut said, «What really makes you to think, is the fact that you're flying in outer space in a spaceship, which was built from materials purchased in tenders at the lowest prices". This statement is not about our company. We create a product at affordable price, with the best quality.

Real time

All equipment is computerized and workers have been trained to work properly with it. Due to the professionalism of our employees we won every seconds on cleaning and packaging every detail. These few seconds are in total very important and affect on final production terms.



Molder plastics

Requirements to the candidate:
Experience: From 1 year
Education: Does not matter, can be a student
Personal qualities: Diligent, hardworking, without bad habits
Duties: Molding and packaging plastic products
Description of work: Within the employer territory
Schedule: Flexible/Full day
Salary: Пstarted from 400 BYN

Fitter of process equipment (injection molding machines)

Requirements to the candidate:
Experience: At least 3 years
Education: Higher (Secondary-special)
Personal qualities: Diligent, hardworking, without bad habits
Duties: Changing molds, adjusting (TPA)
Description of work: Within the employer territory
Schedule: Flexible/Full day
Salary: Сontractual